About Us

Far too often, we hear disheartened stories of recent graduates unable to find work in the area for which they were trained or studied.  Why so?  It’s a complex answer—lack of tangible skills, an ever-changing economy, applicable experiences, and on and on...

Our students needs to know what they enjoy doing, what their strengths are and what their goals are before they select a training program or degree so that they will choose the right program of study that leads to the right pathway for them.  It’s just that—a pathway; with many opportunities to enter into a career or continue an education throughout their life. 

There is no one size fits all approach to starting that path.  The job market has experienced radical changes and we need to understand the blueprint for success is far different from what it used to be twenty-five years ago.  We need informed, data driven, information about the many career opportunities in our community and the correlating training programs that feed those.  We need to understand that planning, preparation, skills, the right attitude and a good career match are what lead to success, not a piece of paper. 

As such, a collaborative network of partners have joined together to bring you data-driven outlines of career opportunities in industry sectors within the Pensacola metropolitan area.  Each career outlined is considered “in demand” - that is, they are experiencing above average job growth and the likelihood of finding employment in them is high. 

We hope you find the content of the Greater Pensacola Career Pathways campaign interesting informative and applicable.