Career Pathways in the
Hospitality Industry

Do you have great interpersonal and customer service skills? There are many jobs available in the hospitality industry and no two jobs are alike! Most careers in this industry will directly involve guest experiences.


Requires on-the-job training, work experience, and/or a high school diploma

Job   2015 Avg Hr Rate
Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks   $10.10
Cashiers   $10.03
Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria   $10.75
Retail Salespersons   $12.61


Requires 2-4 years of education beyond high school or on-the-job work experience

Job   2015 Avg Hr Rate
Cooks, Restaurant   $10.26
First Line Supervisors   $14.75
Recreation Workers   $11.48
Food Service Managers   $33.43


Requires 4 or more years of education beyond high school plus work experience

Job   2015 Avg Hr Rate
Dietitians and Nutritionists   $28.29
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists   $31.02


Programs are middle and high school career exploration or career academy programs

Training Program   Institutions/School
Culinary Arts Academy  

Booker T. Washington High School

Ernest Ward Middle School

Escambia High School

Pine Forest High School

Northview High School

Woodham Middle School


Programs are certifications, technical programs or 2-year degrees

Training Program   Institutions/School

Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts

  George Stone Technical Center

Culinary Operations

  Locklin Tech*

A.S. Culinary Management

A.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management

A.S. Recreation Technology

  Pensacola State College


Programs are bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral programs

Training Program   Institutions/School

B.S. Hospitality, Recreation, and Resort Management

B.S.B.A. Marketing

  University of West Florida

*Located in Santa Rosa County

** Program Coming Soon

Organized by Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties


Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Bureau of Labor Market Statistics - September 2014
Primary Data Collection - Greater Pensacola Chamber